Teks Pengucapan Awam

Selamat Pagi! Dikesempatan ini Sqwad mahu berkongsikan teks public speaking yang akan digunakan secara kasar dikelas nanti. Diharapkan gaya bahasa yang digunakan selesa dan senang mendengar atau membacanya disamping menyeru kepada orang ramai tentang kepentingan untuk mempertahankan negara dari penjajah. Amin..

Today is the most hictorical piece of mine to share an issues of the regional. Stand with a full of excite I will receive the cause of the issues.

Ganyang Malaysia

This is the slogan which is used by the president of Indonesia, Sokaerno in undeclared war over the future of the island of Borneo, between Malaysia and Indonesia during 1962–1966.

“Ganyang” means “crush” and “maling” means “steal” in Malay, a reference to Indonesians’ belief that Malaysia has been adopting as its own what they see as Indonesian culture and heritage. They call us Malaysia as a stealer, a cultural hijacker, terrorist recruit country, and a uncreative country which is stands as a poor people.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of netizens have joined groups such as Anti-Malaysia (Malingsia - they call us maling, which is mean 'Stealer') and Ganyang Malaysia on social networking site Facebook, personal blogs and forums. This situation are most like a cyber war between the country.

This angry rhetoric on the Net mirrors the anger seen on the streets of Jakarta earlier last month, when Indonesians staged protests and attempted to search for Malaysian passers-by in Jalan Diponegoro, Jakarta. Those unethetical action are stroke by anti Malaysia action, the Benteng Demokrasi Rakrat (BENDERA).

The ill will surfaced after Indonesians saw a Malaysian tourism promotion video clip featuring the pendet dance, which is origin from Bali, Indonesia as say is theirs. Is anyone here known where the pandet dance is avail in our country. If me, I said no. The pandet dance are sound too extraneous to me. By the way, the tourism promotion video are products from a Singaporean production agency to the Discovery Channel. This is a big misunderstanding when Malaysia do not have the heritage as claims. The Discovery Channel cable network, which broadcast the video, apologized for the clip produced by a private company – and not by the government – but this did not calm emotions in Indonesia.

Due this, our flag the Jalur Gemilang are burned out and our main chancellery in Jakarta are trown by stone by those irresponsible Indonesians in that orange country. Our migrants are arrested and treaten with sharp bamboos stick so as to leave the country and homewards to Malaysia.

As we know, not all the Indonesians are bad as their action, but the false information and greediness of media were spread by the Indonesia mass media attribute to this tragedic. The BENDERA are plans to starting a riot as will move to our beloved country by today. The force are complete with a sharp bamboo as weapon will debark to our land with more than 1500 people.

I'm here not stand as to provoke all of audience and are not planning to starting a revolution towards this threats. But I'm stand here as to remind all of you to take the precaution step to attempts in keep our country safe. Do not starts any provoke in any anti Malaysia site because this will convey to the unfinished issues. Make sure all of us have the police or enforcement contact number for easy to touch with them when the unsudden tragedy happen. Let's take this shout to not to be a dedicated and responsible citizens.

What is sacrifice is you done to the country? What is the contribution you have give to the country? and what is we as the necessary to the country? Don't ask what is the country give to us, but think what is our contribution and sacrifice to improve and developed our beloved homeland to become a good homeplace and country. By the issues, I'm very confidence there are mastermind in this conflict.

But sometimes, be silent is a form of sacrificed because when we be too defensive, they enjoy in what they degrees to us! But, when just ignore those allegation as we enjoy our meals, they will fed this up because there are no respond from our side. In a time, they will bored of what the done. and they will stop. Sometimes with didn't take any action will save us from such those allegation.

Now I rest my case to all of you to preserve our Malaysia as well as the independent struggler to free up our country from British in pass 52 years ago. Those are my point which i'm shared in this 5 minutes why we must keep our country save from other power.

Salam 1 Malaysia and Assalamualaikum.


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